A Module::CoreList for vendor distributions

How much do perl distributions diverge from or augment the Standard Library? Lately I've been doing a lot of work with distributions that augment their standard Perl installations, so although I'm restricted to the distribution's Perl and its modules, most of the good stuff is already there. However, we don't have a tool like Module::CoreList that knows about vendor distributions.

Although I don't have the time to write it myself, I'd really like to have a tool that can report module presence and version for either the current operating system or any that I name:

$ corelistng --debian -a Scalar::Util

$ corelistng --macosx -v 5.10.0

This would be pretty handy when I have to put together a private MiniCPAN.


Porting/corelist.pl might be a start to collect data for such a tool, if anyone wants to pick that up.

Not that I have time for this but:

Do you mean a list of modules that come with the "perl" package or whatever the smallest perl package is called in each one of the distributions?

Or, would you also be interested in all the modules that are supplied by the vendor via its standard binary installation system?

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