A list of the Perl::Critic policies CERT recommends

I spent the morning collating the CERT recommendations and rules for secure Perl coding. Some of their policies recommend particular Perl::Critic policies. Here's that list:

I put all the data in a JSON file.

Jeff said it would be trivial to make a cert theme, and now that I've collected all the data, it's someone else's turn to do that. :)


This post reminded me to release the already completed CERT themes, which will probably be folded into the next release of perlcritic. I made a repo with just these changes for people to test with. https://github.com/kimmel/perlcritic

Thanks for this. If for no other reason than that I went and read the CERT guidelines and am more aware of best practices. I generally have just blindly followed Perl::Critic's advice (because you're "supposed to" follow it). However I have found some things about it's critiques to be very annoying (stringy eval is something I actually like to use sometimes). Now after having read the CERT docs I have a clearer view of why certain policies are used, and with that clarity came conviction--of their worthiness and legitimacy. This can be attributed in part to the fact that the topics are very well covered.

Thanks again, Brian.

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