Mobrater and White Camel Nominations

I'm looking for nominations for the 2013 White Camel Awards, and this year I'm using MobRater, a PlainBlack service, to get those nominations at're looking for people who have made significant non-technical contributions to Perl and the Perl community. We typically divide that up into user groups, community, and advocacy, although the categories are a bit squishy.

Us using MobRater doesn't mean that the most voted nomination will get the award, but the committee will certainly take that into account. There might be a great nomination that comes in at the end and doesn't get that many votes. To help get around that, check back sometime to vote on the new people added.

You can vote on the names there and also add your own. I'm really looking for new names, especially in the communities that might not overlap that well with the US and European communities that I knew much better. So far, we've had no one from India or Africa receive an award, and we've had very few recipients from Asia and South America. There might be people doing great things for their local communities that don't get much press far away.


Let me add this link, in case you[1] were wondering what is the White Camel Award and who received it earlier.

[1] the reader, not brian

How do we propose edits to the descriptions? Some of them could be improved a lot.

I'm sure the nice people at PlainBlack can help you with this. :-)

Fred Moyer has two separate entries: first, and second. They should be combined.

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