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One thing I ave found when doing a little research for this post was the very large number of perl tutrials out there and how many where well over 10 years old some as old as 15.

Well still stuck here in limited access land so I had a quick look around and found this site

So in about 10 mins of reading I now know where to send anyone who asks me where to go for good tutorials.

There is also a good chance if you want to help out as there is a long list of sites to still look at and I am 108% sure that GABOR would be more than happy for the help.

One thing that really grabbed my attention in this site is it is just not a simple list of tutorials it is a vetted list and it is very well vetted. Just check out the reject page and you will see the reviews really through job at evaluating a site you just say a site is bad you have to prove it.


Well, I'd be certainly happy, but the Perl Tutorial Hub was created by Christian Walde, and as far as I know he did most the evaluations.

See his original post about Perl tutorials.

Actually I have been in contact with someone responsible for tutorialspoint.com ( on the reject list ) and have gotten him to change the Perl subroutines page. It took a bit of convincing on my part that I indeed knew what I was talking about. ( I'm sure there are more problems that weren't as obvious to me as the Perl 4 subroutine calling style )

If you have any problems on that site, it may be best to send them to me to prevent overwhelming him. We don't need 20 different people telling him 20 different ways to fix the tutorial. ( My email address is in the Perl AUTHORS file )

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