Well Back in the Saddle again.

Finally have a chance to go to a North American Perl event, so after nearly 4 years since my last Perl event, thanks Covid 19 I managed to make my way down from the Ivory Tower in Ottawa to the 'Big Smoke', 'Hogtown', Queen City, TO or as most of the rest of the world knows it Toronto.

So there are about 100 us us Perl types here today, with most participants coming from across the US and Canada but there are a few that came over 'The Big Pond'

So far The talks have been very good, I had a and interesting Talk on Test2 by Chad Granum something I will have to look into as my old test suite is becoming a little flimsy and is a patchwork of kludges,

The next speaker I took in as Joelle Maslak, who gave a very good overview of how why an IP packet will take a 4 step bounce from the US to France then back to the US seems the answer is just not what one will think,

I was Finally able to hear a talk by Ingy Dot Net something I have been wanting to do for many years but I always seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Ingy gave us the 25c tour of a new language he is working on YAML Script. We will see if is plan to bring a number of the programming communities closet together will work.

Gilles Darold was next and he gave a good albeit shot presentation on PGCluu a system to monitor and report on you PGSQL server written in perl. Something I am going to have to take a close look at now that I am working in a PG shop.

Finally I attended a talk that will scare most of the faint hated, 'Remedial Math For Programmers' (brings back memories of my last year in high school, he says while curled up in the fetal position under his chair) Walter Mankowski was the speaker and for once I actually did not sleep though a math talk, and I actually understood about 99% of the talk I guess I either learned a few things since failing grade 13 math or Walter just teaches it better.

All in all a good day as I met a number of fellow Perl types I haven't seen since this silly pandemic effected us all.

I even think I am getting a little social skills back but the jury is still out on that one.


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