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TPRC Toronto Part 2

Well end of day two here and had a nice walk and a nice chat with one of the local city counselors who was out glad handing I asked her when the Gardiner Express Way will be fixed up. She said by Christmas ;)

That was a Local joke now onto what I got up to today.

Ovid despite Air Frances best efforts actually did make in to the conference late the night before so he was able to give his Keynote on OO in the Perl Core, Seems we will be getting something called Corinna Soon we will have Field, Class, Role and Method to play with and i…

Well Back in the Saddle again.

Finally have a chance to go to a North American Perl event, so after nearly 4 years since my last Perl event, thanks Covid 19 I managed to make my way down from the Ivory Tower in Ottawa to the 'Big Smoke', 'Hogtown', Queen City, TO or as most of the rest of the world knows it Toronto.

So there are about 100 us us Perl types here today, with most participants coming from across the US and Canada but there are a few that came over 'The Big Pond'

So far The talks have been very good, I had a and interesting Talk on Test2 by Chad Granum something I will have to look into as my …

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