Quiq - Weekly Travelling in CPAN

Destination: Quiq

Date of Latest Release: Feb 04, 2023
Distribution: Quiq
Module version: 1.207
Main Contributors: Frank Seitz(FSEITZ)
License: The Artistic License
Source: https://github.com/s31tz/Quiq

Quiq is a "Perl class library for rapid development". The modules are "designed according to uniform principles" (translated from German).

Quiq contains 23…

Regexp::Assemble - Weekly Travelling in CPAN

It has been on my mind quite a while. Originally it was suggested on Twitter, by Mohammad Anwar, the maintainer of "The Weekly Challenge", that the community should re-publish the CPAN Weekly, which existed before I joined the hacker community. Our plan was having the newsletter began in December 2022. Actually that collided with the Advent Calendar, so, not a good time. Anyway, after many twists and turns, I was busy in late 2022 and early 2023 for job hunting (settled now). Now I try to act as a tour guide and visit some CPAN modules (or distributions) with you in a causal…

Random Thought: Exposure of Perl in the Academic Circles

Today I have wandered on the famous academic paper archive and suddenly a thought popped into my mind - use Perl as the keyword in searching.

Computer science papers with "Perl" in the title
https://arxiv.org/search/advanced?advanced=1&terms-0-operator=AND&terms-0-term=Perl&terms-0-field=title&classification-computer_science=y (8*)

Computer science papers with "Lisp" in the title

How I Uploaded a CPAN Module

An updated but yet to be completed version is here.

So, accumulating effort from Wednesday, today(Friday) I become a CPAN contributor!

I got a PAUSE ID 2 weeks ago. If you are also interested in the Perl ecosystem, you may consider to apply for a PAUSE ID as well.

In this blogpost, I mainly follow the instructions here:

Promotion: Knight's Challenge

knight.png(image from wikipedia)

A coding puzzle for “The Weekly Challenge ‐ Perl & Raku” I made has been released this week!

You have 46- hours to play with it if you align with official deadline. It probably spends you 2~5 hours in this weekend. Beware! Doing the bonus part may spend you a block of extra 2 hours or more.

I wish more people will participate and show different approaches to the task. (And, may the participant give me some feedback as a puzzle creator?)

One may have advantage if s/he has played chess.

As the puzzle creator, of course I had a sketch of a solution in my mind.

Yesterday I solved (== coded) the puzzle and is blogging about it this morning. [Spoiler Alert] If you are interested in my solution... source code , blogpost


My blog is moved to GitHub, mainly because I think soon or later I will blog on other programming languages or issues. At this moment, it has a few posts. :o)