Random Thought: Exposure of Perl in the Academic Circles

Today I have wandered on the famous academic paper archive and suddenly a thought popped into my mind - use Perl as the keyword in searching.

Computer science papers with "Perl" in the title
https://arxiv.org/search/advanced?advanced=1&terms-0-operator=AND&terms-0-term=Perl&terms-0-field=title&classification-computer_science=y (8*)

Computer science papers with "Lisp" in the title
https://arxiv.org/search/advanced?advanced=1&terms-0-operator=AND&terms-0-term=Lisp&terms-0-field=title&classification-computer_science=y (12**)

Computer science papers with "Ruby" in the title
https://arxiv.org/search/advanced?advanced=1&terms-0-operator=AND&terms-0-term=Ruby&terms-0-field=title&classification-computer_science=y (6***)

Computer science papers with "Julia" in the title
https://arxiv.org/search/advanced?advanced=&terms-0-term=Julia&terms-0-field=title&classification-computer_science=y (53 ****)

For Haskell: ~50

For Java: ~249

For Python: ~357

For Perl Data Language (PDL): 0

Besides writing quality software, organizing conference or blogging, Perl programmers with strong academic background might think of taking a new way to share their favorite functionalities in Perl to the world.

Link: arXiv.org submission guidelines
* 2 results are not relevant to the Perl programming language.
** 1 result is not relevant to the LISP programming language.
*** Similarly, 2 search results are irrelevant.
**** Similarly, 6 search results are irrelevant.

P. S.:
Many members in Perl community seem to share a concern of Perl being marginalized. As a newbie programmer and a selfish person, I also want Perl, a programming language I am "investing" in, can gain certain popularity and thus I can use Perl(Perl7?) in local job hunt in the future, hahaha. Therefore I keep an eye for the Perl's popularity discussion.


yes, python abosolutely more favorite in science now. write a new package by python? contain python in your title! R? maybe just imply it in your package name...

there still are a lot of perl leave in the old software, but we can't find it by read article, because usually they were written by c++, c or java, perl play glue between programs.

Analogical modeling in linguistics uses Perl. I wrote most of it, although the CPAN module is maintained by someone else.

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