Fennec V2.x - Testing made better

Fennec is a testing framework on top of Test::Builder, one that reduces boilerplate, and solves many of the limitations of vanilla Test::More. It addresses issues such as forking during tests, breaking tests into smaller parts, test-group isolation (state leaks), and mocking. With Fennec in your unit tests, testing becomes a much more enjoyable experience.

A while back I needed to create a presentation for promoting Fennec. That presentation can be found here and covers most of what makes Fennec so great. It even includes a javascript debugger-emulator that shows the order of execution, and the parallelization provided by Fennec. Most examples in this presentation can be found in both vanilla Fennec, and Fennec::Declare, which uses Devel::Declare to provide nice sugary syntax.

These are the key features of Fennec

Better Mocking
State Management
RSPEC and Workflows
Supports OOP better
No need to manage test count
fork() just works in fennec tests

Fennec also does the work of tying together several popular test modules reducing your boilerplate code.

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