PTS 2023

I am writing this on my flight home from the PTS as I am terrible at writing things as they happen. :-)

The PTS proved to be a very valuable event, as it always has in the past. I am glad it is able to occur again in the wake of covid. One of the first things the group discussed was the lack of motivation in recent years when we could not meet, and how simply coming together again solved that problem for most of us.

This year my employer Grant Street Group paid for me to go to the PTS!

The first day largely became about impor…

Patreon eh?

I read today's Perl Weekly and it suggested supporting module authors on patreon. Figured I would give it a try.

I maintain several perl modules, if you depend on any (Such As Test-Simple, Test2, or yath) here is a way to show your support :-)

Test2+Test-Simple released!

This morning I uploaded Test2/Test-Simple combined into the Test-Simple distribution. You can find this distribution HERE for download. This is the result of 2 years of development on the testing infrastructure. See THIS document for important information about upgrading.

Because this is such an important module, and this release is such a big change, I have also prepared extra tarballs for Test2 and Test-Simple th…

Test2/Test::Builder stable delayed to May 10th

Last Friday Test-Simple 1.302014_009 was released. That plan was to bump that distributions version number and release it as stable this Friday May 6'th.

Since that release a number of minor bugs have been fixed. Most of these are typo fixes and documentation changes. There were also some mistakes in our x-breaks meta-data that needed to be corrected. Finally there was one bug fixed that was not as minor, a 64-byte shared memory leak when using threads.

I have decided that these fixes, in particular the last one, are important enough to put out a new dev release, and bump out …

Test2/Test::Builder Update from the QAH

Yesterday was the first day of the QA Hackathon in Rugby, UK. The first item on the agenda was a discussion about Test2 going stable. This blog post will cover the important points of that discussion.

For the impatient, here is a summary:

  • Test2 is going to be part of the Test-Simple dist. It will not be a standalone dist.
  • The next stable Test-Simple release will include Test2 and a Test::Builder that runs on Test2.
  • The release date for the next stable Test-Simple, which includes Test2, will be no sooner than Friday May 6'th, which is o…