Test-Simple release plan

Unless something comes up, I plan to release the new Test-Simple, with refactored and new internals, on Saturday January 10'th.


This trial version has been on cpan since December 28'th. No issues have been reported against this trial version. Assuming that does not change I will re-release it as stable. Now is absolutely the time to check your code against this new version.

The goal from the start has been to maintain compatibility as much as possible. That said I was not able to maintain compatibility for things that munged the internals of Test::Builder too much. However I was able to maintain support for the most common cases of monkey-patching. I also maintained the existing APIs.

If you find something that is broken by the new internals please file a bug on github. All issues will be evaluated, if the issue can reasonably be resolved by patching Test-Simple, then that will happen. However if the issue is that you replace the Test::Builder singleton, or make significant modifications to subs in Test::Builder, then you may be asked to patch your module instead.

Note: This version is also in perl-blead, and was in perl-5.21.7.

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