Test::More in serious need of review, be afraid!

Do you want Test-* to be released with only one pair of eyes spending any significant time looking at it? No? Me either!

This blog post is a cry out for review. Test-Builder/More/Simple are being seriously reworked. From my perspective as the author of these changes everything looks fine, but that is just one set of eyes.

How can you help?

The git history on master does not lend itself well to review. This is a harder problem to solve. I have been urged by a couple people to rewrite history to make things more clear. I will take the time to make a cleaner branch where history is easier to read. Assuming the new branch works out, and accurately represents history, I will rename master to something else (but always keep it so that people can see it)

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Latest dev release still working consistently with Test::Kit :-)

Although I did have to add a skip for the Test::Aggregate test.


But it works fine with Test::Aggregate::Nested which I've had better success with using anyway, so this isn't a big deal from my perspective.

Will see about your "pick a random module and try to grok it" suggestion :-)

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