Test2+Test-Simple released!

This morning I uploaded Test2/Test-Simple combined into the Test-Simple distribution. You can find this distribution HERE for download. This is the result of 2 years of development on the testing infrastructure. See THIS document for important information about upgrading.

Because this is such an important module, and this release is such a big change, I have also prepared extra tarballs for Test2 and Test-Simple that completely revert the merge and bump the version by one. If a showstopper or emergency occurs I can upload them in an instant to put things back to mostly the way they were.

I am not anticipating any big issues with this. There has been a lot of testing with a huge focus on backwards compatibility. That said, nothing is ever completely bug free, specially when it is as big as this. If you find any issues please report them!

Along with this distribution I have released the following distributions as stable (up until now they have been listed as experimental)

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