Test2/Test::Builder stable delayed to May 10th

Last Friday Test-Simple 1.302014_009 was released. That plan was to bump that distributions version number and release it as stable this Friday May 6'th.

Since that release a number of minor bugs have been fixed. Most of these are typo fixes and documentation changes. There were also some mistakes in our x-breaks meta-data that needed to be corrected. Finally there was one bug fixed that was not as minor, a 64-byte shared memory leak when using threads.

I have decided that these fixes, in particular the last one, are important enough to put out a new dev release, and bump out the stable release date. 1.302014_010 will hit cpan today. Assuming no other substantial bugs are found the new release date will be Tuesday May 10'th. Obviously being correct is more important than releasing by a specific date, so if significant items are found the release could be delayed again.

If you find any bugs or issues please report them right away at https://github.com/Test-More/test-more/issues.

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