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Is Perl a write only language?

I am sick and tired of hearing this, so let's put it this to the test. Assume you know little of Perl, or any programming language for that matter. Can you parse the code?

I hope the piece above is the first in a series to convince people to consider the reality before passing judgement. It was inspired by one of our research analysts discovering Perl and awk to simplify their l…

Hash of Arrays Deathmatch : Native Perl vs. DBM::Deep vs. Redis

Sometimes one has to make compromises between speed of execution and memory, other times one may not have to be. While working towards a fairly (at least in my mind) complete solution to map Nanopore Sequencing files, I ran against the need to create and access fairly large hash of arrays (think of 1M - 100Mof keys), with each array itself consisting of a a fixed number of elements.
The hash of arrays is a fairly straightforward and fast data structure to create in Perl, the memory overhead can be substantial as the number of keys and values scale upwards.…

Of Go, C, Perl and fastq file conversion Vol II : the Jedi regex

In the second part of this series about fast parsers for sequencing applications,  I will review the code for the regex based parser. This is shown below (I use v5.38, as you should! because the year is 2023 and you should not have to type use strict; use warnings)


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