30 Million Reports

Congratulations to Nigel Horne for submitting the 30 millionth CPAN Testers Report. The report itself was a PASS for DBI.



Anyone have stats like this for NPM, or Rubygems?


I could be wrong, but I don't think anything like CPANtesters exists for any other languages. So that would mean: NPM:0 Rubygems:0.

People wonder if Perl is just porting good ideas from other languages and not innovating anymore?CPANtesters is one example of how we innovate! Congrats to you CPANtesters!

Travis CI has evolved from Ruby and supports node, python as well as Perl. They have disabled stats so i don't have numbers for that, but most rubygems (including mine) has Travis enabled and has the CI status in its README.

Having said that, Travis != CPAN testers, where you have a bunch of distributed machines on different platforms, testing your CPAN uploads which is indeed very cool stuff.

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