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It's time to consider avoiding IP fragmentation in the DNS

An article on APNIC was posted earlier this month with the above title. It demonstrates the impacts of IP fragmentation in DNS by demonstrating two successful attacked using it. It is notable to us on this blog because all the examples are in Perl, in addition to everyone hopefully being concerned with running or using reliable and secure DNS.

Check it out at: https://blog.apnic.net/2019/07/12/its-time-to-consider-avoiding-ip-fragmentation-in-the-dns/

Perl jam @Booking.com ML center

I just spotted this on Twitter.

Booking.com are hosting a "Perl Jam" event on Monday 29 July 2019, 6:00pm
at Azrieli Sarona Tower, Tel Aviv-Yafo Israel.

There are three speakers- so it looks like a great way to spend an evening rather than a full on conference.

Registration at: https://bookingcareerseventstelaviv.com/perl-meetup-booking-com-ml-center

BackupPC 4.3.1 release

BackupPC is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up Linux, WinXX, and MacOS PCs and laptops to a server's disk. BackupPC is highly configurable and easy to install and maintain.

Given the ever decreasing cost of disks and raid systems, it is now practical and cost effective to backup a large number of machines onto a server's local disk or network storage. This is what BackupPC does. For some sites, this might be the complete backup solution. For other sites, additional permanent archives could be created by periodically backing up the server to tape. A variety of O…

Leaving irc.perl.org

This article just popped up on Twitter. Whilst I mostly idle on irc.perl.org (say hello in #australia) I have no idea who runs or ran it. Whilst I noticed that there seems to be several servers (at lease one of which being apparently provided by shadowcat systems). I had assumed this was largely just people keen to run their own local instance - irc serving not requiring much in terms of system resources.

I guess my reaction to the article is to feel some contribution to the "use but not contribute", although i'm not…

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