I am sad

I am just sad seeing people paint the Perl 6 developers as the enemy. As the reason for whatever trouble Perl 5 experiences. It looks like a search for a scapegoat. Please, stop this.


I don't see anyone painting Perl6, much less Perl6 *developers*, as the enemy. It's simply unfortunate that the Perl6 *name* causes confusion among the uninformed, and if Perl6 cannot/will not be renamed/numbered, then Perl5 should do the changing.

I've not read all the posts about naming that are going on, but what I have read is about Perl 5 and the problems it has.

No one is making Perl 6 the enemy (I think that used to be the case, but the community has grown up over this issue), just something that needs to be addresses for the future of Perl 5.

Couldn't agree more; this was the fundamental problem with the 'perl 7' idea and why the YAPC::EU organisers' joke about doing perl7 T-shirts was offensive rather than funny.

"There's more than one way to do it" applies to "being a language in the perl family" to, and if we forget that, then we are lost.

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