Pinto Tutorial in 8 languages

A few days ago Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi (aka vti) has published the Russian version of the Pinto Tutorial Jeffrey Thalhammer wrote.

In the meantime we also got access to the English version and prepared translations of the article. I am really glad to announce that just within a few days
there are now 8 versions of the tutorial:

The original publication in Russian on the Pragmatic Perl site,
the Pinto Tutorial in English,
and in 6 other languages:

Similar to the Pinto Tutorial, there are many other articles on the Perl Maven site that have been translated. For each page, on the left-hand side you can find links to other versions of the specific article.

I am really impressed with all the work the translators have been doing in the past several weeks. For the list of contributors, and for the number of pages each language has, visit our Meta site.

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