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I blame Jeff Thalhammer. He is the one who directed me to The ChangeLog, and that's where I've heard the interview with Katrina Owen, the creator of

What is

In a nutshell, it is a platform where you get exercises in programming languages, and where you can ask others to comment on your solution.

For each exercise you get a description of the task and a test script to check your solution for correctness.

Once you solve an exercise, you can submit it and others, people who have already solved the same exercise, will be able to comment on your solution. Offering other, and maybe even better ways to attack the problem.

It started with Ruby, but today there are already 9 languages.

Including Perl 5.

It is really only the beginning both for the web site and for the Perl 5 "curriculum", but you can already give it a try.

So head over to, log in with your GitHub account, and start solving the exercises. Once you solved one, you will be able to see as others solve the exercises and you will be able to dump your ideas of how to write Perl on them.

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