Bounty for fixing CPAN modules

Yesterday I had this idea of creating a site where people and companies could offer bounties for fixing specific bugs in a piece of open source code. Then I ran a search and found Bountysource.

I wonder, have you or the company where you work ever used it? Would your company be ready to offer bounties for fixing specific issues in a CPAN module or even in core perl? (bugs or new features alike.)

Would such bounties be a better way for TPF to spend their grant-money?


I believe I suggested bounties in a previous post actually. I think that sounds like a great idea, at least as a pilot program.

Bountysource is ok, but, take a look also on Flattr.

I rememeber I suggested the use og Gittip to Community (see but after an evaluation they chose Flattr so I guess it is a good option to have a flattr button on metacpan and CPAN.

As a start, I have made a list of ideas I gathered and also added a link to BountySource. Feedback will be welcomed!

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