Travis-CI and latest version of Perl 5

I just tried to add perl 5.22 to the list of perl I run my tests on, but it seem Travis-CI does not support perl 5.22 yet.

This reminded me that it would be nice if I could configure Travis-CI to use a flag such as 'latest_production' that will always use the latest version of perl available in Travis-CI so when the finally add 5.22 the "latest_production" will automatically pick up that version.

It would be also great to have 'blead' that would use blead perl for testing.

Is any of these possible today?


Adding a 'latest stable' target to travis-perl helpers isn't something that had occurred to me, but if you think it would be worthwhile, I could definitely do so. And I would certainly welcome any other feedback on it too.

"latest stable" would be really handy, but my primary usecase would be "test on all major perl versions between X and Y", usually from 5.6 or 5.8 up to latest stable (5.22), as well as blead (but the latest 5.23.x is almost always good enough).

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