The Perl Weekly needs you help

There is a new page on the Perl Weekly website listing all the authors.
It would be awesome to have a list of articles by author mapped from that page.

The problem is that the list of authors is probably not complete and many of the articles that were included in the 4+ years of the newsletter were not tagged with the author. Especially in the first 2 years. So if you have some spare time and would like to help adding the authors to the articles....

All the source code is in this repository. The source files are in the src/ directory. Including the authors.json file that holds the information about the authors. The html/ files are generated. Don't bother with those.

If you are already there, it would be nice to include the Twitter account of all the authors who have a Twitter account so the little Twitter links next to their articles (See the latest) will also include their handle. That can help people further distribute the articles and also mention the author in one click.

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