Missing and outdated CPAN modules in Ubuntu (Debian)

Today I tried to set up the Perl Maven site on a fresh Ubuntu/xenial 16.04 using the system-perl.

Most of the CPAN modules the site needs could be installed using apt-get, but there were a few that I could not find or that were outdated.

Acme::MetaSyntactic 1.012 not found.
Business::PayPal 0.13 not found.
DBIx::RunSQL 0.12 not found.
Dancer2::Plugin::Passphrase 2.0.5 not found.
Dancer2::Session::Cookie 0 not found.
EBook::MOBI 0 not found.
MetaCPAN::Client 0 not found.
Module::Version 0 not found.
Template 2.25 not found. We have 2.24.
Test::WWW::Mechanize 1.44 not found. We have 1.42.
URL::Encode::XS 0 not found.
YAML::XS 0.59 not found. We have 0.41.


I did a quick check, and DBIx::RunSQL 0.12 is on BackPan.

What happens if you update the pre-reqs to the latest versions?

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