Help improving the Perl Maven Tutorial!

As you might know I wrote the Perl Maven Tutorial along with most of the 800 other posts on the Perl Maven site during the past 6 years or so.

It became the most frequently read Perl Tutorial and the site is the 4th most visited Perl-related site after,, and

I've received many comments on the individual articles that make up the Perl Tutorial. Some required and immediate fix or answer, but many included suggestions that need a lot more work to implement.

There are also a number of missing articles. Some can be seen as comments in the source of the Perl Tutorial page.

It is time to update the tutorial incorporating the comments made on the individual pages,
filling in holes where some topics have not been covered, and making the whole tutorial more like pages of a book.

I need your help in two ways:

  1. Helping with the content (the source can be found on GitHub)
  2. Helping with the funding via Indiegogo, PayPal, or Patreon

Helping with the content

  • Look at the Perl Tutorial, pick one of the articles and if you feel it needs some updating, make a comment on the page, send an e-mail to me, or open an issue on the GitHub page explaining what.
  • Look at the items of the tutorial and let me know what subjects might be missing or not covered to your satisfaction.
  • Go over all the articles listed in the archive and let me know which ones should be part of the tutorial which are currently not linked from the tutorial.

Helping with the funding

This whole project is big and will take a lot of time. In order to justify the time I am going to spend on this I'd like to see that there are people who are ready to support it financially as well. So I've set up a Crowdfunding campaign.
Go ahead support the work via Indiegogo or if you don't want to use Indiegogo, you can send me your one-time support via PayPal to gabor at, or provide a monthly support via Patreon.

There are various perks for the supporters including an eBook version of the whole tutorial.

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