Still alive, Inline::Lua?

I was reading about the Inline module the other day, so naturally I looked to see if there was a binding for one of my other favorite languages, Lua. Sure enough, Inline::Lua exists; however, it has not seen a new release in nearly five years, and it doesn't even build on perls newer than 5.10. I like this idea enough that I'd like to put some time into it and cut a new release; however, I haven't been able to reach the author. So, in accordance with the guidelines I read in the CPAN FAQ, I'm making a post asking if the original author, Tassilo von Parseval, is still in the Perl community and interested in updating this module.


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Just cause I was curious, I did a google search, perhaps this is him on facebook (it is a software developer at least):

Also there is a lightly used G+ account:

I see also that others have tried to contribute, you might mention this if you do contact him:

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