Yet another BNF: Extended Marpa Scanless InterFace

This post is to introduce another BNF, namely MarpaX::ESLIF - as the name suggests, it is largely inspired by Marpa::R2's BNF, and aim to extend the later.

The intent was to provide the following features:

  • native regular expression

  • This is done using a built-in version of PCRE2.

  • support of syntactic exception

  • externalized data reader in a streaming compatible archit…
  • Binary parsing with Marpa: .class files

    A Marpa/Moops powered M4 implementation



    The M4 language is a powerful macro processor, turing complete as well as a practical programming language. It is the core tool behind GNU Autoconf, in particular.


    yet another regexp engine

    Just to tell that there is another regexp engine coming out, re::engine::GNU. that will hopefully show how perl's regexp facility is well done, thanks to its perlreapi.

    This library will bring into perl POSIX BRE, Gnu Emacs, AWK regexps etc...

    The funny thing is that I took the liberty to exploit what perlreapi says: "Since any scalar can be passed as a pattern, it's possible to implement an engine that does something with an array etc...". The idea is have a default syn…

    Uploading a new package

    Since I got no answer from I take the liberty to ask here.

    PAUSE interface disceased the request for ownership of a new package, fine.

    Now I uploaded two new packages and systematically got: Failed: PAUSE indexer report.
    Why ?
    Sorry if I made a so stuuuupid mistake that is too big so I have not seen it!

    Example on a distribution for which I have always been the single unique uploader:

    Objet : Failed: PAUSE indexer report JDDPAUSE/MarpaX-Languages-M4-0.003.tar.gz
    Date : dimanche 22 février 2015, 20:57:32
    De : PAUSE /var/www/users/jean-damien_durand/index.html