A Marpa-powered IDL parser, and translation to Moose

I am pleased to announce the release of a Marpa::R2 parser for the latest OMG IDL, version 3.5: MarpaX::Languages::IDL::AST.

The source code of the parsing itself is very small, thanks to Marpa::R2::Scanless power, and produces an AST of any IDL source, so that everybody is free to adapt it.

As an example, this module provides an experimental translation from IDL to Moose, via the script idl2moose. Indeed, perl's Moose (and its friends -;) notion of roles fit perfectly what an IDL stands for: the definition of an interface..

I imagine this can be useful for those wanting to describe what they want, without having to write something that can be automa(gi)cally generated.

Please note that this module has intentionnally no link to any CORBA implementation, leaving room to any perl implementation behing the scene.

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