Now that MarpaX::Languages::ECMA::AST is on the road, I can start effectively my exciting project: Jperl, i.e. JavaScript engine writen in perl thanks to the only but so great BNF parser: Marpa.


Have you spoken to the maintainers of and asked them about their plans? It hasn't had an update for two years.

If you use the namespace or make a wrapper around your module then, in theory at least, modules which depend on should work a bit better.

For example, I've wanted to use JS::JSLint as part of a project test suite for several years. I've never managed to get it to install. On two occasions I've spent a whole morning messing about with it and given up.

Part of the problem is that Spider Monkey is difficult to install and is not provided as a package on many Linux distributions.

Another problem is the installation process doesn't appear to be very good at detecting Spider Monkey once it is installed. I found myself patching that.

I've never actually got as far as JS::JSLint!

That would be great.

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