Get a B::Deparse piggy back through Gearmany

Or how to execute arbitrary Perl code using Gearman and B::Deparse.

Perl offers us the flexibility that empowers us to clearly separate code that deals with different concerns.

As developers, we should take advantage of it and build reactive, flexible and generic enough business components.

As an infrastructure developer, I don't really know what people are going to do with gearman, nor should I care too much. I'll introduce an approach that lets me concentrate on what is important: the stability, scalability and the security of my gearman workers.

As an application developer, I don't care that I have to encode my functions parameters in a certain way. And I don't want to bother changing code in some obscure gearman module when I make changes to my business code.

What I want is to use gearman as a facility that helps me design the best possible application without getting on my way too much.

In this post, I'll write about how to do that and the motivations behind it.

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