Perl Has No Static Code Analysis Tools?

Don't believe what you read on the Internet.

Despite what Wikipedia says - Wikipedia's List of tools for static code analysis - Perl has plenty of tools for static code analysis.

e.g. Perl::Critic and Perl::Tidy

Let's fix this. Anyone a Wikipedia editor?


In looking at the edit history of that page, there has been a perl section before a few times, and I think it has been removed a few times, too. I added it back in, but perhaps it could use some more help to make sure that it doesn't fail some kind of notability test and get removed again in the future.

This was in response to the lack of Perl on the Discussion page: "The criteria for inclusion is that each tool must be notable enough to have its own article on here. So if you want to include the tools on this page, you need to first create an article for each one and make sure it meets all the notability criteria."

I started an article for Perl::Critic (amusingly it has just been a redirect to Static Code Analysis before.) I'll leave it to others to ensure that it's notable enough. :)

Anyone a Wikipedia editor?
By definition, everyone is. :)

I added B::Lint and Perl::Lint as alternatives on the Perl::Critic wikipedia page.

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