4 days at Eth0 Summer 2010

Currently I'm located at the Dutch Eth0 Summer 2010 event, which is a camp-with-tents-and-attend-talks-and-workshops event. My younger brother who studies IT went with a bunch of classmates, and I decided to tag along.

So far it has been fun - I've done some Perl evangelising and handed out Round Tuits to random people (thanks for those Tuits, Wendy).

The overall view of Perl is the same ol' "Perl is line noise and the language hasn't seen changes in 10 years lol". While a rebuttal is easy, it's somewhat disheartening but not unexpected.

Other than that, not a bad tech festival.


Yeah, it isn't easy to face that a lot during such events but every time you make them smile with the tuits or with the "We suck at marketing" card you take a piece of that crap away. After a while (a year or two?) they will start to actually hear the message.

Thanks for taking your part in getting the word out about Perl being there.

Any thoughts on how younger programmers get some of these opinions though? I can understand people who maybe used Perl 10 years ago or were starting out with PHP then having these views, but I'd have thought that younger programmers would either just not have heard of Perl or would see it as a bit out of date and not used much, rather than having any strong opinions on the syntax etc.

I presume there must be (older) people still spreading the "line noise" stuff about on forums, mailing lists, etc for other languages?

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