Making RESTful Dancing easy with Dancer::Plugin::REST

An useful plugin for writing RESTful Dancer web applications is Dancer::Plugin::Rest by Alexis Sukrieh, available at

To use it when defining routes, easily:

package MyApp;

use Dancer;
use Dancer::Plugin::REST;

This exports the resource keyword, which can be used as such:

resource camel => (/var/www/users/job_van_achterberg/index.html

Switching to Dist::Zilla - a usage report

For a while there has been a problem in one of my modules - the tests for Postscript::TextDecode make use of Test::Most which it turned out most CPAN testers don't use by default. That's fair. It was on my list of things to fix, but never with high priority.

Shortly after YAPC::EU::2010 I received a RT request from Andreas Koenig alerting me to the issue. At YAPC I had heard about this utility called Dist::Zilla which was supposed to make the managing of distributions a lot easier.

Off to CPAN. D::Z took a while to install but the install itself had no problems. I started read…

4 days at Eth0 Summer 2010

Currently I'm located at the Dutch Eth0 Summer 2010 event, which is a camp-with-tents-and-attend-talks-and-workshops event. My younger brother who studies IT went with a bunch of classmates, and I decided to tag along.

So far it has been fun - I've done some Perl evangelising and handed out Round Tuits to random people (thanks for those Tuits, Wendy).

The overall view of Perl is the same ol' "Perl is line noise and the language hasn't seen changes in 10 years lol". While a rebuttal is easy, it's somewhat disheartening but not unexpected.

Other than that, not a bad tech…

PerlTidy for gEdit

For any gEdit users out there: A while ago I've written a perlTidy plugin for this editor.
It's written in Python. I know, I know. But it was either that or C...

For those of you interested, check it out at GitHub

YAPC::EU::2010, 3 great days

This year's YAPC::EU in Pisa was nothing short of amazing. While I am not sure if it will outdo my experiences in 2008 and 2009, it was everything I've come to expect of YAPCs.

While the flight was delayed, the hotel room had air conditioning (that's a + compared to Lisbon... ) and we went for some nice food in a restaurant near the river.

On the first day we walked a couple of meters to get to the YAPC buses (seriously, what a great arrangement) and met osfameron and some other attendees. We were at the hotel in 10 minutes and I just remember meeting a lot of people and atte…

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