Making RESTful Dancing easy with Dancer::Plugin::REST

An useful plugin for writing RESTful Dancer web applications is Dancer::Plugin::Rest by Alexis Sukrieh, available at

To use it when defining routes, easily:

package MyApp;

use Dancer;
use Dancer::Plugin::REST;

This exports the resource keyword, which can be used as such:

resource camel => (
create => sub {},
get => sub {},
update => sub {},
delete => sub {},

This automatically creates the following route handlers:

  • post /camel (create)
  • post /camel.:format (create)
  • get /camel/:id (read)
  • get /camel/:id.:format (read)
  • put /camel/:id (update)
  • put /camel/:id.:format (update)
  • del /camel/:id (delete)
  • del /camel/:id.:format (delete)

The format param can be used in requests such as

GET /camel/larry.xml

Next to that, this module exports a whole bunch of error handler methods, such as

  • status_unauthorized
  • status_ok
  • status_length_required
  • status_not_found
  • status_forbidden

which can be used to make life easier:

return status_unauthorized("Not Larry") unless $user->is_larry;

If the code of the status you are using is equal or higher than 100, your error message will be the value of key 'error' ( { error => "Not Larry" } ) - otherwise it's just a verbatim. Of course it's expected that since you're working with REST, you're serialising your return values.

Some nitpicks:

  • "get" should be called "read" for CRUD (create read update delete)

  • The POD is incorrect.

I earlier issued a pull request of a fork where I update the POD problem and renamed "get" to "read" as well as swapping the meaning of POST and PUT. I believed PUT should be CREATE, and POST update, even though this later proved to be incorrect. I hope the changes to POD will however be added. It's trivial, but correct.

Closing words
This is one of those nifty little modules that makes writing a RESTful webapp just that little bit easier and makes your code more organised. I can recommend it!

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