Galileo 0.012 released!

Galileo is a simple but modern Perl CMS which is totally installable from CPAN. Just a few quick commands and the site is live and usable! The primary focus is small sites, which need immediate availability and easy (no?) administration. All content is written in a markdown editor in the browser and saved live via websockets with no reload.

This morning I released the newest version of Galileo with several improvements that have been in waiting for months. Among the most exciting is preliminary support for in-place database upgrades via DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler.

In addition, Mojolicious author Sebastian Riedel made an extra effort to ease the testing of JSON messages passed via websockets. This means that Galileo’s two-way communications between the browser and the server are now even more robust and better tested. Further, this move has made unicode handling more reliable (since websocket unicode handling has its own quirks) so I can now say that Galileo should be unicode friendly! Thanks SRI!

Need a quick website? Give Galileo a try!

EDIT: I have now released a few nit-fixes so the release number is now 0.015. This should ease installation in some situations and on more platforms.


Excellent, I’m looking forward to try it out! :-)

Can this work in a shared-hosting environment (e.g., Apache’s vhosts + FastCGI)? I’ve been looking for a perl-based CMS that I could deploy so I could possibly customise it with some existing data.

Very nice work and also a great showcase of what is possible today with Perl, Webframeworks and HTML5. Certainly motivating for newcomer Perl developers!

Where are some live examples of Galileo sites? Thanks!

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