Vim vs Emacs

This contest is a no-holds-barred match, and is scheduled for one fall. In the corner to my left, hailing from and weighing in at an awkwardly anemic 9.1MB - Vim! In the corner to my right, hailing from and weighing in at a morbidly obese 46MB - Emacs! 

At YAPC::NA 2012, we will once and for all declare a definitive winner in the decades old battle between Vim and Emacs! Two editors go in, but only one comes out. Be there to witness this history making event!


Wouldn't it be more fitting to spend time on Padre, at a Perl conference, instead of a pointless flamewar?

Why? Emacs and Vi(m) are useful, mature text editors (or "IDEs" if you prefer that term), and this contest sounds like a harmless joke. People choose one or the other based on personal preferences and, even on Usenet, there are no more "Emacs vs. Vim" flamewars these days.

Wouldn’t it be more fitting to have fun as a community in whatever way people enjoy?

Sounds like Emacs is giving up before the fight is even started :-)

Most emacs users that I know of aren't interested in such flame wars.

Woosh :)

But I seriously hope this won't turn into a real flame war. Good luck with the show!

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