I've just released a new module called iTransact::Lite. It's just a simple wrapper around the iTransact XML Connect payment gateway web service.

It does all the hard work of signing, serializing, and submitting your requests to their web service. However, I call it "Lite" because it doesn't do any document formatting or response handling. Therefore it still requires knowledge of the web service documents. Luckily, those are well documented on iTransact's web site.

If you're looking for a new payment provider, you could do worse than iTransact, and with this module, you have fairly easy access to the service. This module is in use in The Game Crafter and our forthcoming Mob Rater service.


It would be cool to base this module on Business::OnlinePayment, so users of Perl e-commerce software can easily integrate it.

At any rate, please don't put it in the root namespace of CPAN, e.g. rename it to Business::iTransact::Lite.


Here are some relevant quotes from On the Naming of Modules (

"There isn't a set of formal rules, or even its less restrictive little brother, guidelines, for naming your packages. Your module can use any name that it likes, but like all names, a good one goes a long way."

"For frameworks like Moose, Catalyst, or DBI provide a functionality around an idea rather than a particular low-level or general task. They don't live in a hierarchy because they are large enough to stand on their own."

"Even though the module naming is in practice a first-come first-served process, it is quite impolite to grab top-level names. Yes, even if your project/product is named with just a single word, please think of people trying to find something that would help them in their problems."

"Modules that interact with websites use the network, but they aren't about the network, and they have much better homes in WWW or WebService."

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