BioPerl at YAPC

We’d like to do a BioPerl track at YAPC::NA 2012 this year. We’re looking for contributors willing to give a 20 or 50 minute talk about some aspect of the BioPerl ecosystem. The things people do in BioPerl line up very nicely with our “Perl in the Wild” theme. 

So if you’re a BioPerl  person, please submit a talk. Hopefully we can get enough talks on the subject to set up at least a day-long BioPerl track. 

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]


I think that's be an excellent idea. Anything that would bring the bioinformatics community closer to the open source community would be a good thing; they often seem rather absent at conferences and the like in my experience.

Hi all, I'm writing an IDE to build Perl programs graphically via browser.

My main target is to implement a BioPerl node programming environment, search PNI on CPAN.

I would like to stay in contact with bioinformatics, I'm casati.gianluca on gmail and on skype.

I'm a mathematician so I'm really interested in understanding proteins and DNA, but I don't know about it and I need help to know what it is usefull, like FASTA and all that stuff.


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