Tabletop.Events Built On Perl

For the past year I’ve been working on putting a new business together that is built on top of Perl and AngularJS. The new business is called Tabletop.Events. It is a convention management platform for the hobby board game industry. 


It’s features include:

  • Badge sales and printing
  • User event submissions
  • Event ticket sales
  • Registration desk management
  • Blog and email newsletter to attendees
  • Desktop and mobile friendly interfaces
  • A full web service API

It’s built on Wing, which is the same core toolkit we used to build The Game Crafter. On the back-end, Wing is pure Perl making use of Dancer, DBIx::Class, Moose, and a whole host of other Perl technologies. On the front-end Wing is all AngularJS, which allows us to rapidly build out a robust UI that automatically ties itself to the Perl backend.

If you want to learn more about the technologies used to make Tabletop.Events, come hang out with us at the next MadMongers meeting.

Several members of the Perl community got wind that I was working on this and have already asked if it would be possible to run Perl events like YAPC on Tabletop.Events. As it turns out, YAPC style events are a subset of what you need to run a board game convention, so yes indeed you can run Perl events on Tabletop.Events. We know we’re standing atop the shoulders of giants by building TTE on Perl. So to show our gratitude, we’ll discount our normal fees by 40% to any Perl event that wants to run on TTE. Just drop us a note and we’ll show you around and hook you up with a discount.


Even with as much functionality as TTE has, we’re rapidly adding new features. So let us know if you see something that’s missing and we’ll add it to our todo.

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