The first line of Perl_CGI script, env perl vs perl only, how different?

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Until recently I runs all of my Perl scripts as well as Perl_CGI scripts by starting the folowing salutation,

#! /usr/bin/perl -w

The script with this beginning runs well at BASH shell at (/home/mkido/bin) LINUX such as Fedora, Ubuntu, Rocky (Alma-derivative). However, almost right now I noticed some of Perl example around has the different first line as below,

#! /usr/bin/env perl

And it doesn't seem to run at HOME BASH shell (/home/mkido/bin) by simple way of executing it by-itself by the command line. Wil…

Moving from Perl_5.8.8 (2007) TO Perl_5.36.0 (2022)

Hi ! Everyone, here is a quick question.

As for the CGI script, the first line was

#! /usr/bin/perl -w

Is it not good enough to evoke PERL program at current Perl_5_36.0 (2022)??
If it is not good enough, let me know how should I write at the first line of CGI script???

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I am jumping my Web pages from 2007 to 2022(now).

Hi Everyone, especially Web-Casting Programmers !!

Naturally I encountered various problems. When I moved from an old computer platform Compaq-Evo with Fedora Core 7 (2007 Red Hat LINUX) to a newer Ubuntu and Rocky 9.1 (2022) as Web-Casting, Web codes encounters various errors and weird displays on the screen. I have to fix all the problems one by one. O.K. let me start one question. Will you help me if you have similar experience. In my case this is a big jump from 2007 -> to 2022.

Here is my first question . HELP me !

When I tested PERL script at R…