Moving from Perl_5.8.8 (2007) TO Perl_5.36.0 (2022)

Hi ! Everyone, here is a quick question.

As for the CGI script, the first line was

#! /usr/bin/perl -w

Is it not good enough to evoke PERL program at current Perl_5_36.0 (2022)??
If it is not good enough, let me know how should I write at the first line of CGI script???

Thanks !


You're better off dropping the -w and going with "use warnings;" . The command line switch will apply to every bit of code run in that interpreter rather than just yours. Plus, putting things you consider important on the command line rather than in the source itself is a bad habit to get in to.

Rocky 9.1 comes with Perl 5.32 as the system Perl. So how have you installed Perl 5.36? And where is it installed to? I hope you haven't overwritten the system Perl at /usr/bin/perl - that seems like a very risky approach. It's far more likely that it will be under /usr/local or /opt.

So you'll need to change the shebang line to point to the actual location of the version of Perl that you want to use.

Also, as I said on your last post, this web site isn't a help forum. You'll probably get more help if you post your problem on Reddit or Stack Overflow.

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