YAPC::Asia Tokyo Facebook Page

I created a basic YAPC::Asia Tokyo Facebook Page. Let me know if you can think of stuff I should post there.

Meanwhile, I think this shows the importance for us event organizers to take professional photographs. This is the kind of place you want to use them pictures! They are well worth the $$ you pay. I suggest you definitely look into hiring someone for your next Perl event!

YAPC::Asia Tokyo Collage

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012 is on Sep 27, 28, and 29! Tickets will be available soon!


Not to mention professional videos too. Compare (so far) *any* YAPC talk videos on YouTube vs, say, one of PyCon or RubyConf ones and one would cringe by the stark difference of quality.

I am not so sure by YAPC you meant to include YAPC::Asia.

Surely they weren't capture by professionals, mostly wonderful volunteers, but some of them do look awesome and very easy to listen in, with the use of direct capture or great quality cameras.

http://conferences.yapcasia.org/ya2008/talk/1033 (from 2008)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJss-l2XuV8 (from 2011)

It doesn't include sponsors/nice intro frame-ins like Confreaks do for Rails conferences (iiuc they aren't professionals either, but they know this very well), but these YAPC::Asia videos definitely look great to me.

Confreaks definitely looks professional, i was confused with KaigiFreaks, Japanese version of them which is voluntary as far as I know.

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