PerlMotion - Perl For iOS

While it's still just started, goccy, a Japanese hacker who has been working on rather cool modules, has been working on PerlMotion, which allows you to write iOS apps in Perl.

I'm not an iOS guy so I haven't delved too deep into it, but other than the fact that it could use a bit more packaging love, I head that something is actually running on iOS... Although I'm not involved in project, I personally would love to see it get input from a lot more people, so I thought I'd let you guys know.

goccy is going to give a talk about it at YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013, come 9/19-21


Very cool, makes me want to pay for a developer license over at Mac Dev!

Anyone build any real apps with this and have any thoughts on performances, etc.? Looks like it compiles to LLVM, but am not an expert at this stuff.

Wow. This is super cool. Can't wait to see what comes of it.

Interesting. I'll experiment with this a bit and try to get back with a deeper evaluation. I've done some iOS programming, so it'll be interesting to compare this with native Objective-C apps.

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