Kephra 0.4.4 and release cycles

In the next days, Kephra 0.4.4 will arrive.
New features are mainly about basics editing. Things that are easier with mouse like selecting word, line (double or triple click) or or selected some content items are now as easy with keyboard as with the mouse. And things that are fast with keys like cut copy paste and find string are now available with simple mouse clicks, without context menu (even if its still there - timtoday) (left click on selection - copy, middle click inserts selection like in emacs, right click while selecting-cut). Most of that I borrowed from Acme. Some little tools where added too. All in all easy to understand things. So what readers may wonder most, is calling it a "testing release" like 0.4.3 two month ago.

On CPAN it was marked as stable because there you have only a 2 way distinction. And testing releases are optimized on stability as dev releases are optimized on freshness. So why introduce a third level release cycle?

Because its much easier (faster) to fix bugs then to find the best fine tuning for features and their UI. Testing releases are my promise: "allright these releases are stable but the presentation of new features might change". And between "stable releases" i try to keep those change little as possible.

I find that necesary because i think Kephra will as long under heavy development as there will be that project, always searching for new ways. But on other hand I'd like to provide something stable and mature and thats the best solution i came up to solve that so far. If you have other ideas, please comment.


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