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OMG yet another new year BS.

Since I live here on planet earth where biology by in large restarts with every spring, which happens in this part of the world in march, I'm bit reluctant to join the gregorian calender, which is named after a roman katholic pope and a calendar which prior to that changed its start to january by another roman dictator, which makes it further unatractive to me. don't get me wrong, I dont want to act here any more special then necesary, but its good to review and to make plans.

so here is my 2010:

* Kephra 0.4.3

** important version that stabilized a lot.

* WxDocular

** a wxperl based documentation browser that doesn't went far yet.

* first articles for

** about the german perl workshop and perl 6

** It is the major german IT-news vendor

* WxPerl class at YAPC::EU

** was very well recieved and maybe it will become a book

* TPF Grant for Perl 6 tablets


* Kephra 0.5 which installs and runs smoothly on linux, has no utf problems.

* complete the grant

* translate my p6tut into english (hope with help of some of you)

* write more articles for more magazines

* a new german perl tutorial which is up to date but has a different didactical strategy than Modern::Perl and which will be released in the wiki and the otherwise python friendly freies magazin

* help the german perl workshop

* complete my wxperl tut for $foo and start the book

* Kephra 0.6 with vi like command line tree toolbox and Plugin API

* set up an own homepage


A WxPerl book would be really fantastic!

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