1. Czech Perl Workshop

As you would expect, it was great on 20.,21. May, so why talk further?

It was like you know it from your local group: great friendly people, enthusiastic about Perl talking about relevant stuff, nice food and drinks, relaxed atmosphere. What really do we need more to make a good conference? It was just smooth and enjoyable. I mean really: at the end of the conference the question was asked who would come next year and all hand where up in a second.

Of course your conference was not organized by the whip(tm) Richard Jelinek and his staff Martina which made sure all was organized professionally. In a country of only 10 Million inhabitants came 80 people which tells me about 20-30 couldn't make it in the last weeks and like 300 were interested (how life works). Of course there was the heart of the European community, the YEF girls: Liz and Wendy, Perl 6 crew jnthn and mäsak, 2,3 people from Germany, some czech faces I knew from YAPC's, some that are active on perlmonks like choroba. All in all we had good talks and I did my share of 2 Perl 6 talks (soon on lichtkind.de). Of course I'm not a web guy so didn't listened much to that stuff on day two but I was surprised that Perl was here tought for some time at two universities and that there are here lot more Perl people well hidden that I thought. I also didn't knew about Syntax::Construct.

The first day was very much about Perl 6 and the second started with a reported how smaller Perl app ensures the working of a supply chain in the automotive industry ("the propriety windows solution was just nerve wrecking.") and that people use Perl in their companies "because it produces just cleaner code".

We witnessed the refounding of Praha.pm and the announcement of a planned benchmark that compares native Perl 5 and Perl 6 on a real world problem.


Thank you for a nice report. Indeed, Richard and Martina organised an excellend workshop. The speakers were very nice (as far as we non-Czech people could understand them, since a lot was done in Czech). The venue was also very professional. The attendees were enthusiastic and happy and focused. There was food and drinks and snacks and presents. Liz and I really look forward to next year's CZPW.
And I want to thank especially you for the excellent tour of the center of Prague you gave Liz and me the day after. Lovely!
Kind regards, Wendy

As one of the organizers I would like to thank you for your news and comments on CZPW 2014. We do hope that the next year we will be able to do even more, if any more potential sponsors and volunteers decide on joining our organizing team.
Martina Pestova
Marketing&Sales at PetaMem

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