What is the Perl community?

After my last rant about the p5 roadmap I wanted get technical again, but ... this last post about a link collection brought me back.:

Community is a feeling I get when i think of people like domm, ingy, barby, tinita, liz, jnthn, wendy, mäsak, gaby, mst, ovid, renee, gugod......... maybe even larry and damian :). it a type of kinda friendship on its own. If anyone of them would just stand broke in front of my door of course they would have a sofa and a sandwhich. Not only because I spent cheerful evenings with them.

Community are people who care and do stuff for you without knowing you. (But of course they most often know a whole bunch of other community people too.) Sounds trivial but I write this to make you feel included. This a marketing BS free zone. If you know any guys over skype or icq or real life and you honestly like (not just use it) Perl your part of the community too, hack even if you know nobody - you also part of us. srsly. your so very welcome. doesnt mattter if your an beginner. If you like people and you like Perl - thats enough. Don't wait to get an certificate, just join the sites, mongers, YAPC, talk say hello, debate, criticize, participate, code, fork, whatever brings you the most joy .

I liked sawyers keynote because he has openly spoken about this joy and this strange L- word. In the end its all love. And because of this love I speak positively about Perl even if know there are 9!^9 burning issues making rjbs feel like a German captain of a submarine '45. Because in truth there is no language war. Most (not all) people that get agressive internally are already on their way out of the community. I made this observation over and over. There are sever issues but fluctuation is normal part of life. Be part of especially the inner rings of a community can be tough. There is this self inflicted slavery because over time you grabbed some duties and you know what needs to be done....and sometimes you don't want to. Its also demanding because you have to look the challenges directly into the screaming eyes and yet stay positive, even motivate other to help you. Often there are not many thanks, stevan even worked years on MOP before more than 3 people noticed. working life is stressful and we not always know what is the real reason when someone discusses technological things in a paniq way.

community, especially the backbone of it are people who know what I described and yet are joyfully, faithfuly a part of it.

have a good evening :)

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Well said. Proud to be part of the community!

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