Perl QA Hackathon 2015

yeah me too ....

Or lets call it insights from an imposterer. I just came because I like the people and I could visit my brother and maybe Berlin art galleries. (which I did). I knew the place because German Perl Workshop two years ago was here too. So i could show people the way to the pub when they left work from day one I just came from train station and could immediately say hai to ingy - perfect.

So was I of any other other use than chatting, eating and having good time. I remembered how I sneaked into AUTHORS file and checked some parts of perldoc I knew something about and found yet again outdated passages. I took around a hour a bit unpleasent work but the result were two patches. Nice feel when an old hack still works.

Since I mostly maintain the Perl pages in German Wikipedia I reread some of them and fixed some minor issues and reported errors/missing stuff on related pages raising a bit the quality of the more visible parts of Perl. I think most of you can see that as QA too. Good part it felt still like holiday from university, especially with so many pleasant people around and the food - don't get me started. Wendy went nuts to serve us the best available.

Actually this part wasn't that much because I do that regularly. But as ingy pointed out: the hackathon also gives you the motivation to do more - much better than the wooden tuits. And even that brings bonus productivity to Perl world. Because meanwhile I had a smooth time several people at the core are now aware of what my work is waiting for or where I could be at help. People I would not communicated in mail just like that without a reason.

Another thing I worked on but with no visible results yet, is the comeback of the translation of perldoc in our wiki. It partial, outdated, its... its a wki you could imagine. So i not only talked with tina what to do aboout it - I actually started to translate the new perlintro coming with 5.22 which i need anyway for my Perl mini course at university.

And speaking of tuts. We ( host currently the most up to date Perl tut in German. It surely needs more attention but I also want to extend it so that even programming newbs can start to program with Perl 5 or even Perl 6. Its still in early stages but I used my little time there also a bit to keep things moving.

Thats mostly it - being part of the "shit down the river" discussion was great fun. You clearly missed something.


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