As many of us I often try to achieve more than possible. To combat that its very useful to combine seemingly unrelated efforts and use synergies. Out of such thoughts came the idea for that Module (not yet on CPAN).

From July 2011 to August 2012 i wrote a 8 Part Perl tutorial to have something state of the Art in German. Its not bad but it ran out of steam even if I managed to reformat it and also put it in the Wiki of the German Perl community. From time to time I think about to extend it, make it more hypertext freindly, but choose to do other stuff, computer science, music, life.

I also wrote the Perl 6 tablets and a 8 part tutorial in the now mostly abandoned Perl 6 wiki. It is a translation of a series done for the now closed $foo Perl Magazine.

But this is not entirely about bragging, but about my guilty conscience, knowing all these works need a refresh. Especially since Santa Wallthington will be gracious this year I decided to crossbreed both ideas and than release it also on CPAN (hence the Module Name). (There is a somewhat related project Perl::Tutorial::Sum, but this will be another post.)

Its already on github and the code examples for the first 5 parts only need some finishing touches. To all who are hardcore enough to actually read this post till now: please consider contributing so we will have an up to date, comprehensive and practical Perl 6 tutorial, also installable from CPAN and panda. Since you can do pull request on github in the browser it should be even easier than a wiki to participate. And if all work well I will redo it in Perl 5 and translate it, so not only there will be an up to date German Perl tutorial again. But thats all not that important as having a solid tutorial when Perl 6 comes out, and it looks like People feel that too.


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