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Cluj was my ninth YAPC and it was different for me in many ways. Please read this especially if you never been to a YAPC.

Because there about the people, seriously. And once you go 1,2 times your hooked because of them. Its actually very simple.

Most of the time I also held talks - I love to be the explainer. But this time I just could not prepare stuff in quality I wanted. I needed time to relax and also work on my thesis. So I was free to enjoy the "ordinary listener" role and was as relaxed as never before. The consequentially more uncluttered view of my surroundings strengthened my summer camp feeling.

That is why my advice to newcomers. RELAX. Yes many of us look strange, but maybe this will be the most supportive bunch of people you will meet. Yes you need friends, you need family and you your special person but without ever met such a community you miss out an existential joy of life. period.

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That sounds like a great way to enjoy a conference.

I keep promising myself that I'll attend a Perl conference without giving ay talks. But it never seems to work out like that. One day...

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